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Fairfield Yarns is a traditional, family run, yarn merchanting business, based in Lancashire, the home of the cotton textile industry.

In 1987, after 8 years working as a sales representative for one of the largest yarn merchants in the UK, I decided to start my own business more able to focus on the needs of the smaller yarn user. Fairfield Yarns was born, and is now celebrating  more than 20 years of service to the textile industry. 


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There is a long family connection with the textile industry, my maternal Grandfather being the M.D. of the DURA cotton doubling mill in Whitworth, whilst my Fathers family ran a Woollen Mill on Whitehall Road in Leeds, William Fox and Company.   In fact the famous "mill chimney" logo of Fairfield Yarns, is from a photo I took immediately prior to demolition. Sadly I never did recover the gold sovereign my Grandfather said had been placed on the letter F of Fox!

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I graduated from Leeds University in 1979 with a BA degree in Textiles and Management studies, and as an Associate member of the Textile Institute, I am entitled to practise as a Chartered Textile Technologist, technical advice is all part of the service.

I am now assisted by my wife Veronica, primarily on accounts, and my daughter Catherine, who occasionally helps me out on I.T matters.

We specialise in surplus and redundant stocks of professional yarns as used in industry, and we put the emphasis on QUALITY, and PERSONAL SERVICE..

Whilst we still supply yarns to industry, increasingly the demand is from fashion designers and educational establishments and to the home/craft sector.

We can supply yarns by mail order, delivered by APC Overnight.  Or better still, why not visit us personally at our Heywood Millshop, where you can select from more yarns and colours than we could possibly sample. I enjoy meeting my customers, and we can always put the kettle on!


I look forward to being of service.



David Fox BA, CText, A.T.I.

01706 623808.