Educational Supplies




Our wide range of professional quality yarns of all types, all available at discount prices, means that we are well placed to supply many of the Leading Textile and Art Colleges and Universities. We are able to supply yarns both to the Instititions directly on official orders, or we are happy to deal with either individual students or groups.

Our stock is extensive, so we can meet most requirements rapidly.

Payment can be made by BACS, Purchasing Card, or Cheque.

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For re-stocking those depleted yarn stores we can offer boxes containing an attractive assortment of shades at very competitive prices.

Many groups find that a visit to our Millshop enables students to see a wider range of qualities and colours in one go than would be possible elsewhere, often stimulating the creative process!

If you would like to arrange a group, or individual visit then just ring David on 01706 623808.