yarnskep1.jpg (53528 bytes) As our stock runs into literally thousands of different yarns and colours,and being added to on a weekly basis, we cannot possibly send samples of everything to everybody!   Also the sheer number of requests for samples sometimes becomes overwhelming at busy times of the year.
Therefore the more specific information you can provide the easier and quicker it is to respond.  For example let us know if the end use is knitwear, weaving etc. or whether you require the yarn for dyeing, felting, etc. It is also helpful to know the approximate yarn count (thickness) required.


If you absolutely need to see our entire current range of yarns then your best solution is to visit our cash and carry warehouse and millshop where you will see a wide selection of yarns of all types, and take your own samples if required.  We are not handy for everybody, but we have an increasing number of visitors from further afield who find the journey worthwhile.  Heywood is close to the motorway network and in the middle of the country so may be en route to somewhere you had already planned to visit.    We can also suggest many local attractions if you are considering a short break.   Our millshop is easily accessible by public transport from Manchester.   Many of our customers come in person, choose their yarns and have them sent home by Parcelforce or APC Overnight.


If there is no way that you can visit then we will sample selections of our current qualities.  If you can focus on a quality you like then we can send specific shades.

We can offer a personal yarn matching service, called Studio Yarn Solutions, for professional or semi-professional yarn users, who have a particular project in mind.

Send us your colour palette, and details of the type and thickness of yarns required, and we will endeavour to provide a selection of samples tailored to your requirements.

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