Yarn Ranges





As merchants of redundant stocks, we are unable to offer total repeatability of any yarn, but there are several fairly standard qualities of yarns of which we always have a selection in stock.

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2/15wc Woollen Spun Lambswool on cone. (Approx 2ply weight)

One of our best selling ranges, very versatile being good for Knitwear and Woven fabrics. Ideal for felting. Gives a nice fleece like finish when washed.     

2/8wc or 2/10wc Shetland Wool on cone. (Approx 4ply weight)

Similar characteristics to above but coarser and harder wearing. 

2/30nm and 2/48nm Botany Worsted Lambswool. (Approx 1ply weight or finer)

Smooth, soft, and lustrous combed lambswool yarn from various spinners. ZB Cashwool, Grignasco, Lana Gatto, Ilaria, Richter Kammgarn etc.   (Sometimes has shrink resist finish, please ask if this matters).  50plus shades.

2/48nm Botany Worsted Lambswool

As aboveist fin

Single Woollen Lambswool.   (Approx 1ply weight) 

Feltable lambswool for fine use, but be aware that break strength can be an issue for some end uses.

2/3.5wc or 2/4wc Shetland Wool yarn (approx DK weight)

Ideal for hand knit or Chunky machine use.  Often with Donegal Tweed effect.      30plus shades

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2/60nm and 2/120nm Schappe Spun Silk.

Fine High lustre Silk yarn for woven fabrics or fine gauge knit.           

2/66nm "St Tropez" 50% Silk/50% Cotton

A fine yarn from France, nice handle, and half the price of the pure silk. Pastel shades.

2/15wc (Approx 2ply) Lambswool/Angora

Similar to our Woollen Lambswool, with the addition of some Angora Rabbit hair for a softer, slightly fluffy finish. Sometimes a small percentage of nylon is added to assist strength.

2/28nm Cashmere and Cashmere blends.

For that luxury item!  We stock these as available, but as you can imagine users are very careful with such expensive fibres so only limited amounts come to us as redundant.  Always worth asking as I usually have a few in stock, but don't wait too long!

2/18cc Sea Island Cotton. (Approx 1 ply weight)

Top quality combed cotton by John Smedley.      Spring/Summer shades mainly.

2/16cc Combed Cotton.  (Approx 1ply weight)

A good basic Combed Cotton.                           

3/14cc Combed Cotton.  (Approx 2ply weight)

Similar to above, but slightly thicker.              

Mercerised Cotton Yarns.

Combed Cotton yarns given a conditioning treatment which makes them stronger and more lustrous. Available in various counts from 2/20s to 2/80s in colours, bleached and ecru.

Irish Linen Yarns.

I have a wide selection of these 100% and blended, in various counts Natural and bleached mainly, but also some shades. We have a nice range of 3/20lea marled shades which are great for knitwear.

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Mohair Yarns.  (Handknit and finer weights)

These are available as loop mohair for weaving, or brushed loop mohair for that shaggy Knit look.

Worsted Wool Roving.

Ultra soft low twist yarn for scarves etc, not very hard wearing though! Supplied undyed on hank.

Undyed Worsted Wool Wool yarns.

Available on Hank and cone in various weights, for Hand and machine knitting, and also some higher twist yarns for weaving. Please ask for current stock detail

Chenille Yarns. Acrylic or Viscose

I'm generally not a great fan of acrylic, but have come to the conclusion that it is OK as a chenille, where the added strength is a real bonus, and the dyes are that bit brighter. Because you only feel the pile of the yarn, it feels much more luxurious than you would expect.   For a really luxury feel, we have Viscose Chenille.

Spun Polyester Yarn.

Whilst I'm on "nasty synthetics" this is just what you need for thermal transfer printing, and some devore jobs, so I keep some ecru for the purpose.

Viscose Rayon Yarns.

Synthetic cellulosic yarn chemically similar to cotton so dyes easily, and very absorbant. Available as a high lustre filament yarn either as single "floss" type or twisted two fold.  and also as a chopped and conventionally spun yarn such as Tencel, Lensing, Viloft and similar unbranded types. I stock the filament types in Ecru and shades in various counts. The spun rayon type generally just as ecru for dyeing.

Fancy & Metallic yarns.

I usually have a good selection, Lurex types always popular for that extra sparkle!

Tubular Knitted Yarns. (DK/Aran/Chunky approx)

Rather a speciality of ours, developed as a way of making the finest, high quality fibres available to the hand knitter. I make these in Cotton, Mercerised Cotton, Linen, Lambswool, Angora, Cashmere blends and even pure silk! One particular yarn is a Silver/Grey melange in Mercerised Cotton and Viscose which make the perfect simulated chain mail!

I can in effect custom make a yarn just for you and you only need to order as little as 500g. please ask for details.