Fairfield Yarns

Merchants of Quality Textile Yarns

Est. 1987

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Fairfield Yarns Mill Shop

Co-operative Buildings,

131 Rochdale Road East,


Lancashire, OL10 1QU


9 Lea Mount Drive,



Lancashire, BL9 7RR

01706 623808

We sell redundant stocks and ends of lines; the yarns are sourced from industry and of excellent quality.  Most of our yarn is supplied on cone and often wound down to 500 grams.

We are, however, unable to offer total repeatability and always recommend that you buy enough yarn to complete your project.

Our stock is constantly changing but there are several fairly standard qualities which are usually available:

Merino Lambswools

Smooth, soft and lustrous combed lambswool yarn from various spinners in several different counts: 2/48nm, 2/30nm, 3/30nm, 2x2/48nm

Dyed Wools

2/4s, 2/8s and 2/12wc Shetland types

2/12wc, 2/15wc  Woollen Lambswools

2/8wc, 2/12wc, 3/12wc Worsted Spun Wools

1/12wc, 1/15wc Single Woollen Lambswool

Heavy Roving Wools

Rug Wools

Dyed and Undyed

Dyed Cottons

Various shades in 2/30cc, 2/20cc, 2/16cc, 2/12cc and 3/14cc.

Mercerised cottons in 2/40cc and 2/60cc.


2/60nm, 2/80nm and 2/120nm silks on smaller cones.

Linens and Linen Blends

In various counts.

Cashmere Blends

2/12wc and 3/12wc Woollen Spun 90% Lambswool/ 10% Cashmere.

Man made yarns

Filament and Spun Rayon yarns

Polyester and Nylon

2/30wc High Bulk Acrylic

DK Acrylic on 100g balls

Stretch Yarns

Elastic yarns and yarns with elastomeric components.

Chenille Yarns

Acrylic or Viscose Chenille yarns.

Cord Yarns

These are tubular knitted yarns and can be made to order.

Undyed Yarns

We also sell undyed yarns of all fibres and blends from fine silks to heavy rug wools. Single and folded yarns are usually available in both hosiery and warp twist.