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Est. 1987

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Fairfield Yarns Mill Shop

Co-operative Buildings,

131 Rochdale Road East,


Lancashire, OL10 1QU


9 Lea Mount Drive,



Lancashire, BL9 7RR

01706 623808

Frequently asked questions …

Do you sell “deadstock” yarns?

All of our yarn has been sourced from industry as surplus to requirements. It is all good quality professional grade yarn, but be aware that we have limited quantities of each range so you do need to make sure that you buy enough to complete your project.

Can I buy a range of shades of one type of yarn?

We often have many shades in one quality of yarn, but not always the full original range.  However this can encourage designers to be imaginative and to make their products highly individual.

I would like to visit your Mill Shop but cannot carry a lot of large cones on public transport. Can you help?

We could arrange for your yarn to be delivered to your home or studio. Bring a friend and share the cost of delivery!

If I cannot visit the Mill Shop can you show me samples of yarn?

Please phone us on 01706 623808 to discuss the yarn you are looking for. Photos of our current stock can be sent via “WhatsApp”, but if the shade you need is critical then please send a colour swatch in the post, as screen colours do vary.

What does “count” mean with reference to yarn?

The count describes the thickness of the yarn or, more accurately, the length of yarn per unit weight.  Metric count, nm, is the simplest count to understand as it means the number of kilometres of yarn per kilogram. Eg.10nm means there are 10,000 metres of yarn in 1kg.

Most yarns are made with more than one end of yarn, so divide to find the resultant count. Eg 2/30nm is equivalent to 15nm. (15,000 metres per kg)

Generally the higher the count the finer the yarn.

To convert between counts see the calculator on our “Links” page or use other online calculators. For rough conversion between metric count (nm) and the commonly used worsted count (wc) and cotton count (cc or ne) use  

          1nm = 0.9wc = 0.6cc

Eg  2/30nm = 2/27wc = 2/18cc

If I do not drive how easy is it to visit you by public transport?

We are fortunate to enjoy good transport links.  Please see the info on our “Mill Shop” page.